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BNR was started in 2010 by Simon Jasieniuk as a personal project studio. As a member of the Saskatoon based band 'The Johner Boys', Simon, along with the other members would frequent the space to record covers. This eventually snowballed to mid 2014 when the band began working on their debut original album 'Stories', released December 2016. 'Stories' can be found on all major streaming platforms, or available to purchase at

Simon takes influence from many different musical styles ranging from acoustic pop, to rock, to metal. Some artists you'd find in his playlist would include Marianas Trench, Jason Mraz, Relient K, John Mayer, Periphery, Billy Talent, Sara Bareilles and Panic! At the Disco. Even with certain influences, the challenge to produce to a different genre is always accepted.

Over the past year, Simon has worked with artists including VBND, Mabaleka, Hunter Brothers and continues to create music with The Johner Boys.

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